Move Better – Feel Better – Look Better

Movement is multi-directional.  We don’t just move up and down or front and back or side to side.  We push, pull, hinge, squat, lunge and rotate in all possible directions.  Unfortunately, many fitness programs are so focused on the end result, the looking better, they fail to look at how the body is intended to move.  This most often leads to a lack of success.  Instead of feeling better and looking better, we wind up frustrated or injured.  So movement is key, not only to all of our fitness pursuits but the quality of our daily lives. Moving better allows us to pursue everything more fully. Moving better allows us to do anything we put our minds and bodies to.




**Before any goal discussion or baseline measurements, a basic health assessment will be performed and any necessary medical clearances will be obtained.




ESSENTIAL MOVEMENT: It doesn’t matter how much we can do or lift or run if we don’t do it well.  Movement comes first. Efficient, unrestricted and pain free functional movement is the basis for every successful fitness program. Before we can feel better and look better, we have to move better. A comprehensive movement analysis, beginning with the Functional Movement Screen, will be performed to determine the need for any corrective strategies to optimize movement based around “The Essential 7” Movement Patterns.

ESSENTIAL STRENGTH & CONDITIONING:  No one gets through life without having to pick up something heavy.  From suitcases and grocery bags to moving boxes or fast growing children, strength is a necessary part of every day.  Result driven programs utilizing “The Essential 7” movement patterns will be created to lay a solid strength foundation that reinforces our better movement and really gets us on the road to feeling and looking better.  Using every possible modality from body weight training, cable and band training, suspension training, basic power training and kettlebell practice to good old-fashioned free weight training.

ESSENTIAL PERFORMANCE:  Now we put it all together and enjoy our results.  Once we’ve acquired all this strength, what are we going to do with it?  Aside from having more energy to accomplish our daily tasks and then some, how about having a whole lot of fun?  Building on the success of the Strength & Conditioning Phase, advanced training programs are employed to explore the more complex variations of  “The Essential 7” movement patterns.  Clients are challenged to fully enjoy their strength, stability, cardiovascular and fat loss goals. This is where feeling better and looking better come together.

ESSENTIAL RECOVERY:  Life is stressful.  And even though they’ve been fun and have improved our everyday, the Movement, Strength and Performance phases are stressful.  Remember, results don’t come during the work, they come during the rests in between.  Now is the time for rest, regeneration and reassessment.  During this active recovery phase, soft tissue work, stretching and downtime are emphasized.  Client results are evaluated, goals reassessed and exciting new strategies are planned.

AND THEN:  We’re in it to win! We progress to the next level of Essential Movement and the fun begins again.